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Benefits of having piano lessons

  Music Education  

Benefits of piano lessons

  Benefits of music & taking piano lessons  

Learning the piano is a great way to introduce your child or yourself to the world of music. Of all the instruments, the piano is the best one to start on first.

It is the only musical instrument offering easy means of complex melodic and harmonic interplay. This is the single-minded reason why most music composers prefer to use the piano for composing.

The piano produces the right pitch each time you strike a key, giving you a strong foundation for good ear training.


Benefits of learning piano

Subsequently, expanding to violin, guitar, or any other instruments of your choice will be easier.

On the academic platform, taking piano lessons is proven to be an advantage in understanding math and science better. This finding should undoubtedly be an advantage for children taking piano lessons at school.

There have been numerous research findings on the influence of learning music and its benefit on brain and SELF-development. Here are just a few articles :

* TED-Ed - How playing an instrument benefits your brain

* BBC - Childhood music lessons leave lasting brain boost.

* Dailymail UK - For brain boost start music lesson before age 7.

* MalayMail - Scientists agree - music is good for you

* BBC - Moving to the rhythm can help language skills.

* Children's Music Workshop - Twelve Benefits of Music Education.

* INC - The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity

* LiveInnovation - Music and Neuroscience (from Ted Talks)

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