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  Jazz piano lessons  

Musical Notes

Many of us wish we could play jazz music well. It's not an easy skill to acquire. First of all, you need to have a love for the style of jazz music you like because you will be improvising quite a bit to make it originally your style of jazz.


Taking jazz piano lessons will make this step easier for you. You need a piano teacher to guide you and give you pointers on essential improvisation techniques you can master independently. An experienced piano teacher will be able to observe your initial playing method and suggest to you the various elements that will give your jazz playing a more solid melodic, harmonic and rhythmic foundation. When you have found a style you are comfortable with, you may want to invest more time in perfecting it. I advise taking private jazz piano lessons; you will learn much faster.



  Technique in playing JAZZ piano   

The trick to playing superb jazz piano is having a sense of feel and rhythm in your soul. Here's an old jazz piece titled Night and Day. The video will give you a glimpse of good jazz piano playing techniques.


  Jazz tips for a quicker progress   

Practice your piano playing as often as possible to gain the flexibility you need to become expressive. In particular, sing what you play, play what you sing, and listen carefully to what you play. You can even try recording yourself occasionally so you can hear how you sound and improve on it. Your practice session or piano lesson should include warm-up rhythmic exercises, scales, and improvisation.


Work on your musical memory. As you learn, you will identify and incorporate melodies, rhythm, and chord sequences. An excellent musical memory is essential to get the flow of musical ideas in your improvisation.


Listen carefully to recordings. It would help if you studied the recordings closely to determine how the performer did many jazz effects. That is how you learn. Listen and imitate.


With the proper jazz piano lessons, in no time at all, you will find yourself playing your favorite jazz music. Always start by playing your favorite song. Doing so can motivate you to keep practicing until you perfect it the way you want.


If you are interested, come, and let's talk jazz.

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