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ABRSM is the UK’s largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers, and the world’s leading provider of music exams, offering assessments to more than 650,000 candidates in more than 90 countries every year.

For information on the new Performance Grades, please click here The New Performance Grades for ABRSM (

Trinity College London

Trinity College London graded examinations and diplomas span performing, teaching, theory of music, and composing, all of which are fully accredited by the relevant UK regulatory bodies.

MEP in Secondary Schools

The Music Elective Programme (MEP) provides opportunities for academically able students with an aptitude for music to pursue a more profound and comprehensive study in the subject. The MEP curriculum aims to develop students' conceptual and analytical thinking and creativity.

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 Musicube Studio 
My role


I provide comprehensive music lessons for individuals seeking certification in piano, music theory, electronic keyboard, and organ. My curriculum covers both the ABRSM and Trinity College London syllabuses, with an option for leisure learning.


For students aspiring to apply for the Elective Programme during their secondary school years, I offer a specialized focus on music theory. In addition to in-person lessons, I conduct online classes, offering a hybrid learning experience that caters to diverse needs.

Siblings 4 and 8-year-olds performing a duet at a concert
During lesson time, a student practicing part of a Grade 8 exam piece

    Exam Results    

Every year, I prepare various students for different levels of examinations. Here are the certs of some students who took in 2023. 

Sheryl cert

Exam date - Feb 2023 (Trinity College London - Diploma in Music Performance)

Congratulations to one of my most talented and hard-working students. Your perseverance and determination have led you to attain yet another accolade. 


Exam date - May 2023 (ABRSM - Performance Exam Grade 8)

Yet another student who completed her Grade 8 and is on her way to commencing her Diploma journey

Denise Cert.jpg

Exam date - Feb 2023 (ABRSM - Performance Exam Grade 5)

This student has converted to online lessons ever since the pandemic. Her progress has not been compromised, and she skipped grades and attempted Grade 5. 


Exam date - Dec 2023 (ABRSM - Performance Exam Grade 5)

Well done. A very hardworking student who managed to record a good video in just a short time.


Exam date - Jul 2023 (ABRSM - Performance Exam Grade 8)

A student with much experience in various recitals and competitions, Sean is undoubtedly a gifted musician. 

Amira cert.jpg

Exam date - Feb 2023 (ABRSM - Performance Exam Grade 4)

Despite her busy academic schedule, this student's discipline and passion for music landed her a distinction in her first piano exam.


Exam date - Sep 2023 (ABRSM - Performance Exam Grade 2)

The first exam for this young student. Tried out the performance grade as well. 

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