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Since the beginning of 2020,  I have also extended my teaching to ONLINE using platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, and recently Forte to give my students another option in attending my lessons.

Besides having the pre-scheduled lessons and workshops with my weekly in-person students, I also conduct ongoing ONLINE studies for both my local and international students.

Primarily having online lessons saves time in commuting, and the students can learn in their own homes.

Using multiple devices, I can share different camera views while teaching. On top of that, I also display a shared screen of my iPad for annotations. All these will make it easier for any student to learn and understand.

My online lessons are enlightening yet fun as I implement various teaching apps, digital music, backing tracks, and other music software, including MIDI. 

The learning process is also not compromised, and I find that my online and in-person students improve simultaneously.

Online piano lesson for everyone
  Online teaching set-up  
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A few of my younger students got together for an online recital just after 8-10 weeks on zoom
Besides having a reasonably good Wifi connection, all you need to start your online lessons is just a smartphone. But for better viewing, you should use a desktop, laptop computer, or even an iPad. It's that simple.

For additional information on student set-up, please click here.
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