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  Online Lessons  

Piano Player
  Learning without leaving your home  
I conduct ONLINE studies for local and international students.

Using multiple devices, sharing different camera views, and displaying a shared screen of my iPad for annotations, make it easier for any student to learn and understand. 

My online lessons are enlightening yet fun as I implement various teaching apps, digital music, backing tracks, and other music software, including MIDI.

For information on online student set-up, please click here.
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Interested to learn more?

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  Online teaching set-up  
Online learning is equally as effective as in-person lessons. Moreover, online lessons save time in commuting, and students can learn in their homes.
  Let's have an 
ONLINE consultaton
A few of my younger students got together for an online recital just after 8-10 weeks on zoom
A piece recorded during zoom recital
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