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To gain a deeper understanding of music, studying music theory is essential. It goes beyond simply identifying notes and intervals or transposing a piece. By learning theory, you can also explore harmony, composition, and even analyze a part before playing it. Understanding the genre, key, modulation, structure, texture, and other elements is crucial for playing beautifully and expressively.

With my music theory lessons, you can expect a unique and engaging experience. I use various teaching methods and technology to make the learning process more fun and effective. Whether you are a piano student or specialize in a different instrument, I can help you complete the Foundation Theory Program (Grade 1 to Grade 5) in no time.

Let's work together to achieve your musical goals!

Music Theory Lessons

Conducting an Online Theory Workshop for my students

Theory can be fun too when you understand the concept

Music theory for young beginners
Music theory using app
Written music theory
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