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If you want to have a better understanding of how music works, it is necessary to study music theory.

Learning theory is more than just naming notes, knowing your intervals, or transposing a piece. You can also learn harmony, composing, and even how to analyze a part before playing it. Knowing the piece's genre, the key, modulation, structure, texture, and many more are essential precursors to playing beautifully and expressively. 

Having music theory lessons with me is much more than the usual 'boring' written assignments. I incorporate different teaching methods and implement technology to make it more fun and engaging. I believe that by combining workable teaching strategies with the appropriate guidance, students will receive a holistic approach to learning.

Besides teaching music theory to my piano students, I solely teach theory to students with different instrument specializations. 

Depending on the student's age, one can quickly finish the Foundation Theory Program  (Grade 1 to Grade 5). 

Music Theory Lessons

Conducting an Online Theory Workshop for my students

Kid Theory lessons

Theory can be fun too when you understand the concept

Music theory for young beginners
Music theory using app
Written music theory
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