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The First Note


Today, as a music educator, I am responsible for identifying and selecting the best music-learning books for my students. As a result, I shop pretty frequently at music bookshops, online, or even attend seminars to review the new introductions made by the publishers. Besides the usual printed books, interactive method books are also available for the online experience. These interactive books are especially suitable for online lessons. It is common to start a digital library to store all the pdf music sheets so you can view them from any smart device.

Teach In Harmony


Many students complain that music theory is difficult to understand; what more to remember them all? You will need to take it step-by-step, much like learning the alphabet. I use a fun approach to teaching music theory so my students can understand and eventually enjoy it.

Gaining theory knowledge has advantageous and leads to a more well-rounded learning experience. 

The Future Sounds Good


Ear training or aural skills mean having the ability to identify musical elements by ear. This skill helps you play pieces or sing songs you are unfamiliar with. Developing an excellent musical ear enhances all aspects of musicianship. During a piano examination, students will go through aural tests. As much as possible, these tests require instinctive responses. With the continuing development of practical skills during the piano lesson, candidates should find that their answers will come naturally. 

Music Technology

Hello Tech 


It is definitely fun to integrate music technology into lessons. With so many teaching apps in the market, my job is to choose and utilize the most effective and suitable for my students. Each app and software is unique, from the basic to the more complex. Lessons will be more effective and beneficial when the teacher knows how to implement them well into teaching.

Though there are multiple self-taught apps or even tutorial videos that many can learn from, it is never the same. An excellent teacher gives you proper guidance and motivation and is always there to answer all your discerning questions. I cannot emphasize more the importance of starting your music education right. A strong foundation is the core of your learning ability. 

A student doing sight-reading
with backing track
Private piano lesson
Founder’s Notes 


Each and everyone’s capacity to learn is different. I will tailor your lessons to fit you when you take music lessons with me and arrange to accommodate your busy schedule. Give yourself the head start to excel, with me providing a positive experience in your musical journey.

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