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pop piano for teens

  Pop piano lessons  

Pop Piano Lessons

Do you have a favorite singer? Perhaps Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga? Or are you more into groups like BTS and Blackpink and favor K-pop instead? Maybe you enjoy playing games or watching Japanese anime. Whatever your preference, you can play many lovely songs/pieces on the piano if you take Pop Piano lessons. Pop stands for Popular. So anything in trend now, current or latest, can be considered pop. 

Even if you think the piece sounds complicated at first, there are usually more accessible versions that you can attempt. I will select a suitable version for my students. If it is unavailable, I will rearrange the music to suit my students' abilities, so they can quickly enjoy and master it. 

There are endless choices for everyone. Learning it right from the start and fostering good playing habits is crucial.

So are you inspired to play some of your favorite pieces? Do send me a message to talk more about pop lessons.

Student attending pop piano lesson
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