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Never too old to learn

  The Joy of Learning  

Musical Notes

  Anytime is a good time  

You are never too old for piano lessons.

There is no age limit on taking piano lessons; you can be a teenager who discovered late that you have an interest in the piano or an adult who has always wanted to play the piano but never had the chance for one reason or another. Everyone can benefit from the incredible joy of playing the piano.

Personally, private individual piano lessons are the best way for you to learn. You have the following advantages:

  • Undivided teacher's attention during the lesson

  • Class schedule to meet your convenience

  • Able to ask questions openly without fear of embarrassment

  • Piano lessons customized to meet your learning capacity and pace

  • For online lessons, you can also save time in commuting and learn in your own home

Never too late to start lessons
Adult piano lesson

Are you interested in embarking on a beautiful musical journey? Let's have a chat. We can certainly arrange a trial lesson ONLINE. Future studies conducted by me will be in my studio or online.

Creative drawing from NYtimes - The Unexpected Solace in Learning to Play Piano


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