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Piano Lessons

  Classical piano lessons for you  

  Classical piano lessons a classic ambition  

In a generic sense, “classical” music refers to all Art music – Western music from the 15th to 20th centuries. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin were just a few of the many great composers of that time. Their compositions may have inspired you at some point in your life. You may be inclined to take classical piano lessons when listening to Minuet in G or the ever-popular Fur Elise or Canon in D.


I know many of you perhaps had started piano lessons but gave up when things got a little more complicated. It can be an overwhelming experience sometimes to play the piano while taking note of the key signature, dynamic markings, or merely keeping in time. Well, for those who have encountered this, don’t despair - there is hope. First of all, you have to get yourself the right teacher. An experienced teacher can tailor a suitable step-by-step music program according to your pace and requirements. Coupled with appropriate teaching materials, you should be on your way to playing the pieces you enjoy.

Classical piano lessons

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  What is 'special' about the piano  

What makes playing the piano different from most other instruments is that you can play the piano by itself as it provides both melody and accompaniment (harmony/chords) capabilities. It sounds complete just being solo. Whereas you will find the woodwind, brass, string, or percussion instruments usually performing as a group to achieve a more ''full'' and balanced sound/music.

With 88 keys, the piano has a wide range of notes too. It also comes with pedals, each with a different function, making it versatile enough to produce various tone color that ultimately enriches and improves the overall performance. 

Curious about how to decide on buying your first piano? Read this

Newer pianos have improved features that make them more responsive with greater control for pianist yet delivering beautiful rich, resounding tone.
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