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Distance Learning
Headphones and sheet music

  Student setup for online lessons  

Piano Player
  Steps to getting a good setup  

Setting up an online music lesson doesn't have to be complicated. Of course, having a high-speed internet connection would be a good start. Besides this, you will need the following:

  • Device - You can use a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or iPad. Smartphones are not recommended for long-term learning as it may be hard for students to view the screen. Please select your device for online learning and position it so your teacher can see the full keyboard and your seating position.


  • Sound - If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, increase the input volume on your internal microphone. You can also upgrade the sound using an external microphone plugged into your desktop. Headphones will improve audio and reduce all other noise in the home.

  • Video Calling Software - Download your teacher's calling software to your chosen device.

  • Music Materials - Get your materials ready for the lesson.

Online piano lesson for children
Online lesson piano
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Musical Notes
My studio set-up for ONLINE teaching
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