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How often should you tune your piano?

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I usually recommend tuning an acoustic piano once every six to eight months. Sometimes even once every 3-4 months if the piano is used often like in a music studio. A brand new piano requires more tuning in the first two years. As new piano comes with new strings, these strings will take time to season. They also tend to stretch faster, meaning the piano gets out of tune earlier, resulting in the need for more regular tuning.

Even if no one uses the piano, it should still be tuned once a year to keep the strings in good condition. We can also take this opportunity to give it a quick check to see if it needs any further servicing or repair. So having an unused piano tune every year might save you some money in the long run.

As the weather in Singapore is relatively humid, it can cause the soundboard to swell, stretching the strings and making the pitch go sharper, which can be undesirable. Many parts of the piano are made of wood, so changes in humidity will cause wood movement and eventually develop issues like changes in the tension of the strings, sticky keys, and many others. Therefore it is vital to keep the heater on 24/7 to maintain a constant humidity level inside the piano and to avoid these problems.

Above are pictures of my piano, which has been tuned recently. Notice the piano heater is practically as long as my piano. The heater ensures good heat distribution and should be well circulated in the piano. My piano is nearing 15 years old, yet inside still looks relatively new as I regularly tune and service it.

A well-maintained piano delivers a beautiful tone that will make you enjoy piano playing even more. The longer the piano is out of tune, the more difficult it is to get it tuned. So is it time for you to get your piano tuned?


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