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Hi, I'm Bonnie.

A music educator who specializes in hybrid lessons for both the piano and electronic keyboard.

If you are ready for a whole new musical learning that is fun, engaging, and effective....

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Singapore piano lessons with Musicube. My customized piano lessons catered to different individuals are essential to each student's success. I conduct my classes using carefully selected teaching materials, healthy playing techniques, and enriching activities to promote innate musicality. Students can also attend music workshops and recitals and participate in competitions.

I work with beginner to advanced piano students. Besides piano, I am also a certified keyboard and electronic organ teacher

With more than 30 years of teaching experience, I am confident I can help REDEFINE YOUR LEARNING JOURNEY.


I strongly believe in the benefits of music and laying a good foundation for my students to become motivated, independent learners.


Music Courses Available

Beginner piano lesson

Start Young

Developing passion while building a strong foundation


Sharp Flat

A better understanding of music concepts

Online Piano lesson

Stay Home

Learning at your comfortable pace and place

Keyboard lessons

Such Fun

An easy &  simple introduction to keyboard playing

Adult piano lesson

Sheer Joy

Never too late to start learning something you enjoy

Electronic Organ

Sounds Great

Delivers versatility in playing different genres of music

My studio set-up for ONLINE teaching
Student's Online performance during recital. 
(Video and audio recorded
via Zoom)
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